The Java Main Method – Explanation For Beginners


Hi, Welcome to Practice House. This java tutorial is especially for beginners. So if you are a pro you wish to skip it or you want to read it you are most welcome to read.

So, in this java tutorial, we will learn about the Java Main Method. For a beginner when you are learning java almost every instructor will skip this part for you and they will say let’s ignore this part first and learn that we need a main method and we will start programming from that main method.

So here I am with you today, I will try to explain this in a simple way that will help you to understand the functionality of each thing in this java main method. Let’s start. Carefully watch this image and you will get the idea what is it.

boilerplate code explanation

I hope it helped you to learn about the mysterious java main method. Congratulations to you, It was great to see you here. Have an awesome journey on java.

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