Python How-To Stuff and Tutorial Step by Step

Welcome to The PracitceHouse. Now in this section of the house, we will share with you about python. you will learn the python step by step and you will also practice with real-life application and exercises. We will also cover a lot of how to stuff that we always face when we are programming. I hope You will be benefited from our effort.

We love to hear from you. please suggest us which part is hard to understand or which part we should improve. Your comment is our inspiration. Please let us know what you think about the Practice House. Enjoy Coding life… a lot more coming ..

Python How-To Stuff Python Tutorial
Exercise 1 – Take user Input and Calculate age Python Introduction
Python Error Handling – Syntax Errors Typical Python Program
Python Error handling – Runtime Errors Setting up Python on Windows
Python Error handling – Fixing Difficult Errors Setting up Python on Mac
Python Error handling – Exception Handling Setting up Python on Linux
Python Error handling – Structure of a good Programming Setting up Atom on Windows and Getting Started
Python File Handling Python Syntax
Open and Read a File Python Variables
Create and Write into a File Python Numbers
Appending to a Text File Python Casting
With Statement Python Comments
File Handling Methods Python Strings
Real Life Example Programs Python Operators
Application 1 – Build a Interactive Dictionary Python IF Else
Application 2 – Creating Web maps with Python and Folium Python While Loops
Application 3 – Build a Website Blocker Python For Loops
Application 4 – Create a Website with Python and Flask Python Lists
Application 5 – Create a Desktop Application with Database Python Tuples
Application 6 – Create a Webcam Motion Detector Python Dictionaries
Application 7 – Create a web scrape application that Scrap Real State Data from the web Python Basic Functions
Application 8 – Create a Web-Based Financial Graph Python Functions Advanced Features
Application 9 – Building a Data Collector Web App With PostgreSQL and Flask Python Lambda
Application 10 – Building a Geocoder Web Service Python Iterators
Python Pandas Python Modules
Pandas Python Dates
Python Numpy Python JSON
Object Oriented Programming in Python Python RegEx
Classes Python PIP
Objects Python Try Except