Python Tutorial For Beginners to Advanced – Typical Python Programs


Python: How A Python Program Looks Like?

In this lesson, I will share with you how a typical python program looks like. Python program we call it python script. So how to write a python program we will learn in a future lesson. Now let me introduce some python program that you can create with python.

Python is a very popular language. we can use this language to solve plenty of problems in real life. we can use python in command line program, Desktop Application, Web Application, Big Data, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and also in various kinds of scientific research.

These are the simplest programming example I am showing you.

  1. Command line Program: CLI ( Command Line Interface ) Program that we will run on our command promptcommand line interface to run python program               command line interface to run python program 2

    inside this command line interface, we can run our python program using python and the following filename that we have in our directory.
    Or we can use python command to run the python script that we write into the command line and see the output.

  2. Desktop Application:  We can write a python program that we can run on our desktop computer. This kind of program or software we write using GUI ( Graphical User Interface) feature of python.gui program python
    in this kind of program, the user will use this on their own computer. it’s called desktop application. we will learn how to create a GUI Application in Python in a later chapter.
  3. Web Application:  We can write a python program that will run on our browser. We can create a website with python and HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I guess you all know what is a web application. let me show you a very simple web application example.
    web application in python
    okay, this is a very simple website that we created in python. we will learn about this in the future chapter.

Now we all know how a python program looks like and we have an idea about what we can create with python so in next chapter we will install python and set up our computer to write our own program. So see you in there.

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