Python Tutorial For Beginners to Advanced – Set Up Python on Windows


Hello and welcome to another lesson of python tutorial. in this lesson, we will learn how to set up python in windows. If you are a Linux or Mac user please skip this lesson and go to the Setting Up Python on Linux or Setting up Python on Max Lesson. So let’s Start

First, we will visit the python official website to download our python. visit

The website will look like this if you hover over the downloads button you will see the python version currently it’s showing Python 3.7.2 Maybe this version could be changed because of the time you are browsing. we will click on the Python 3.7.2 and it will start downloading your python-3.7.2.exe file. It’s not a big file it’s just 24MB.

python official website

Okay, now we have to install our python. I hope you are familiar with the installation of the software. it’s just easy as breathing. Folks said just click next next next bingo. But for us no need to follow that tradition click next next things. let me show you how we can install python on our windows.

Open the python-3.7.2.exe file from your download folder and double click on it. It will pop up this screen

python installation

and don’t forget to click Add Python 3.7 to PATH. During installation, it will help us to add python into PATH. You can choose the customize installation to choose the directory or you can click Install Now to install in the default.

it will pop up YES or NO for your confirmation after you choose YES it will Start installation

python installation process

After it’s completed it will show you the Setup was successful

succesfully setup python on windows

Now we have a successful installation of python in our windows. To Confirm we can use our windows command line interface. We will write python --version

python version checking

and also we can type python to start our interactive python session to write some python code and try it out.

python interactive session

However, this interactive session is best for testing one line of code. If you want to run a python program then you should write your lines of code into a python file and then we can run into our CLI. These things we will learn in the near future you can check our lesson about How to set up Atom (Editor) and  Write your first program.

To Exit the python interactive session you have to typeexit() method.

exit python interactive session

Thank you so much for reading this post. If you have any query or comments please write us below in the comments section we will love to hear from you.

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