Array Challenge – Print Array in Reverse Order in Java


Hey good people, Welcome to the practice house. If you are in programming then you must be faced a lot of programming problems when studying or trying to finding a job. Similarly, I faced this challenge that I have to print an Array in Reverse order.

Problem: Given the size and the elements of array Arr, print all the elements in reverse order.

The first line of input contains, N – the size of the array.
Following N lines, each contains one integer, i{th} element of the array i.e. Arr[i].

Print all the elements of the array in reverse order, each element in a new line.

Consider the following array. The size of this array is 5. If you want to access 12, then you can access it by using arr[ 1 ] i.e. 12.

enter image description here

Java Example

Sample Output:

So in this example, we took 5 input 12,54,76,87,98 and we printed out as 98, 87, 76, 54, 12 .

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