JSF Tutorial 01 – Main Objectives To Learn Java Server Faces


Hi, Welcome to the practice house. I am Alif is welcoming you to this new course of practice house about java server faces technology or called JSF Tutorial. So a lot of good stuff is waiting for us to explore, let’s not waste any time.

First of all, we all want to know the

Main Objectives of learning JSF

If you are curious enough to know what is JSF, why JSF still can be relevant to learn, and all of those things you can find on my next post about JSF Overview. I hope you will find all of these questions answered in there.

First I like to tell you that this JSF tutorial is mainly to Learn How to build a JSF Web Application From Scratch.

yes, we will learn various things during this course. but finally, we will kick off with a Fully Functional Web Application that connects with the database and do the CRUD operations. So stay tuned with this course and I promise you will learn a lot of great things.

Course Road map

I am the guy who doesn’t travel without the Map. so for this course also I will introduce with you the Course Road Map. We are together on this journey.

  1. Getting Started With JSF.
  2. JSF Overview
  3. Setting Up Our Development Environment.
  4. A Simple Hello World JSF Web Application
  5. Reading User Input with HTML forms In our Sample Application.
  6. Learning How To Validate HTML Forms
  7. Implementing Business Logic with managed beans and more about Managed Beans
  8. Displaying Data in Lists and Tables
  9. Installing MySQL Database
  10. Creating a Fully Functional Web Application with JDBC
  11. Creating a War File To Deploy

Source Code

Above mentioned all the sections that we will learn for all of this section’s source code will be available at GITHUB. Feel Free to clone the project or download the source code.

Questions / Help

I will try my best to explain all of the features of JSF. But you might still need help or need to ask questions. Please use the comments section below to ask me any questions I will respond back to you ASAP.

Still, We have a very active community about JSF in StackOverflow.

Some More Resources That Might Help You.

  • https://www.baeldung.com/spring-jsf
  • https://www.journaldev.com/7635/jsf-tutorial

Thank you so much for the decision you make that you will learn JSF. See you in my next article.

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