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Hi, Welcome to the Practicehouse. in this house we learn we grow together with our experience. I am Md Arifur Rahman.

I will be your writer for this java tutorial. I welcome you from the bottom of my heart. I am studying computer science since 2007. I have working experience with Java. I hope that this tutorial I will write in such a simple way that anybody can understand the beauty of Java Programming Language.I love java.

So before we start I would like to introduce our course and what we are going to learn and how you can learn more in an effective way. So not only tutorial I will share a lot of tips also that will boost your skill level up. We will do a lot of practice we will solve a huge amount of programming problems and that will make you sharp in programming.

We will learn in this way that if we want to switch to any other programming language that will be a piece of cake for us.

So stay tuned and have some patience. A lot of great stuff we are going to learn together. Thanks again for joining me.

So Down below you will see a long list of articles or posts but don’t worry Nothing happens overnight. We will finish it.

So for the record purpose and to prove that everything will happen but it will take a certain period of time I am gonna write the day I start (21 Jan 2020).

So you are my inspiration, My request to you please share your thought on my writing. Is it the best that I can do or there is a better way to teach. I believe there are always millions of possibilities out there.

Java Tutorial For Beginners – Part 1

  1. Introduction

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Can you please tell me about advanced program of ATM machine in JAVA.?

Md Arifur Rahman

Hi Ashfaque, What do you mean by the advanced program?