Java Recursive Program To Solve Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle


hey, it’s been always nice to see you when you are looking out for something to learn. it’s awesome. In this post, we will learn about the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle. We will learn how to solve this puzzle in the java programming language. We will use Java Recursive Function to Solve this. So let’s learn Java Recursive Program to Solve the Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle.

What is the Tower Of Hanoi?

The Tower of Hanoi is a very famous mathematical game or puzzle. This puzzle was invented in 1883 by the French mathematician Édouard Lucas. The puzzle can be played with any number of disks. The minimum number of moves required to solve the puzzle is 2n – 1. So if we start to play with 3 disks our minimum move will be 7.

To play this game or to solve this puzzle you need to obey the following rules.

  1. Only one disk can be moved at a time.
  2. Each move consists of taking the upper disk from one of the rods and place it on top of another rod.
  3. You Can’t Place a larger disk on top of a smaller disk.


Solving Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle [ Video ]

You can watch this video and see how I am solving this puzzle. You will have a clear picture of the game or puzzle.


Now Let me share the java program with you where we solved the puzzle with a recursive function.

Java Program To Solve the Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle

Code Output From A Java Program To Solve the Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle

Congratulations, Wow today you have learned how to write a java recursive program to solve the Tower of Hanoi puzzle.

Keep Visiting us to learn more programming related problems that we all should practice to level up our skills. Happy Coding…

Clone / Download the Sample Project from GitHub : Download / Clone Sample Project

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