Java Example Programs – Write a Program in Java to Check A Buzz Number


Hey Alien, Welcome to practice house. in our small house, we love to do some programming practices and we share our programs with you. so here you are. In this post, we will write a program to check that the number is a buzz or not. So question in your mind. What is A Buzz Number?

Answer For You: A Buzz Number is such a number which ends with 7 or it’s completely divisible by 7.
Pretty Simple huh !!!
So if you I ask you that 1007 is what .. I bet you gonna answer yes it’s a buzz number and what about 49 Yes it’s also a buzz number.

So let’s have a look at our sample program.

Let’s See Some Sample Output :


So you already saw the program it’s a very simple program but you can improve it. I used a scanner to get the input you can use bufferReader Or anything that you love to get input from your user.

So play around with this code. if you have any question or comment’s I would love to hear it from you. Thanks for reading this post. Happy Living …. Happy Coding …

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