How To Set JAVA_HOME in Windows 10


Hello, When you want to work as a java developer or you want to work with java in your windows machine. The essential part is to set JAVA_HOME in our windows machine. So in this post we will learn how to set JAVA_HOME in windows 10.

  1. Open windows search button. Next to the window logo you will be able to see a small circle button it’s name is Cortona. You can ask anything. windows is best πŸ™‚open serch button in windows 10
  2. Type Advanced System Settings , Then click on view advanced system settings .type advanced system settings
  3. AnΒ alternative way to get System settings is -> Click on This PC and go properties. Then a window will open, click to advance System Settings.alternativewaytogetsystemsettings
  4. Under Advanced Tab -> Click Environment Environment variables
  5. Now in this window under System Variables click New it will prompt another window
    Type JAVA_HOME as a variable name
    The variable value you can type your JDK path or you can browse Directory to set.
    Then click ok .
  6. Β Now Under System variables select path and click Edit and click New then set ”Β %JAVA_HOME %\bin “.
    Then click ok and click ok until all the windows closed down.

Now Let’s confirm that our JAVA_HOME is set properly or not.Β To check open you cmd and type echo %JAVA_HOME% and java – version and you will be able to see this output.
If you are not able to see pleaseΒ give a restart to your pc.


Thanks for reading this post. If Still, you are having the problem with setting the java home please feel free ask me down here and I will try my best to help you.

Thank You So Much … Happy Coding Happy Living

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