How To Get The Differences Between Two Dates In JavaScript


Hi, welcome to the practice house. In this tutorial, we will learn about how to get the difference between two dates in JavaScript.

Almost all the time, we use date input field to select the date. Sometimes we need to find the difference between two dates. If you are stuck and don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry I got you covered.


We will create two date fields to select the date and one button to click and see what’s the Difference and another text field to show the difference.



How To Import jQuery Using CDN

We will use jQuery to calculate our date and we will find our difference between two dates.

In the HTML file please put this line into the head element. If you are not sure please download the source code from GitHub or check-in GitHub full source code.

JavaScript Part

Here is our javaScript code. It will work when we click our button. notice that for our button we have id is show. So we are using the  .click function with our ID.

Note that we are finding our Milliseconds per day using (1000 * 60*60*24)

Output Sample 1:

Output Sample 2:

output sample 2 for how to get difference between two dates in javascript

Output Sample 3 :

Output Sample 3 To Count Past Days

Download Source Code :

Clone / Download the Sample Project from GitHub: Download / Clone Sample Project

Congratulations, I hope it helped you. If any query or any advice about how I should present please comments below.

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