how to create a partition in windows without formatting


Hi, Welcome to the In this article, we will learn how to create a partition in Windows without formatting C Drive. This method will be applicable for windows 7, windows 8 & windows 10.

So Total 3 Steps you need to follow in order to partition your hard disk drive in windows.

  1. Go To Disk Management Window
  2. Shrink Volume
  3. Assign the drive letter for unallocated space

First Step: How to go to Disk Management in windows

type diskmgmt.msc in your Run

01 - Run diskmgmt command in command prompt to open disk management in windows

Or Right Click to your My Computer / This PC -> Manage

02 - Click This PC then Manage to open disk management in windows

In This computer Management Window click Disk Management. In this window, you will find the information about your hard disk drive and the total amount of GB, In my case it’s 220GB.

03 - Find The Hard Disk Drive in your Disk Management window

Second Step: Shrink your space

Shrink Volume From your hard disk drive. To shrink the volume you have to right-click in your disk drive and choose the Shrink Volume option.

04 - Shrink the volume of your hard disk drive

Now in this window, you find out the information about your hard disk and how much space is available to shrink.
The first option you will find is Total Size Before Shrink in MB – This is the total space of your drive.
The second option you will find is the Size of Available shrink space in MB – This is the amount that is shrinkable.
The third option you will find is Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB – This will be your choice. How many GB you want to make your new drive. and we have to put the amount in MB. 1024MB equals to 1GB.

In our case, we want to create our new drive 120GB. So as 1024MB is 1 GB. 1024 x 120 = 122880MB

05 - Shrink information in windows

Now you can see the 120GB space is unallocated in our disk management.

06 - Unallocated Space

Third Step – Assigning The Drive Latter to unallocated space.

Click that unallocated space and click New Simple Volume.

07 - new Simple Volume

Click Next in this New Simple Volume Wizard Screen

08 - New Simple Volume Wizard

Double check your space in MB and Click Next

09 - Shrink Volume Wizard

Assign The Drive Letter .

10 - Assign Drive Letter

Select any drive letter excep A and B.

11 - Assign drive letter option

Choose the partition format as NTFS or exFAT.

12 - Format partition

In this final screen make sure all your information is correct and then click the Finish Button.

13 - Completing New Volume Wizard

BooYah our new drive is created already you can see the notification in right corner.

14 - final Screen in disk management

You can see the new drive in our This PC.

15 - Final Screen in This PC


Congratulations you have successfully created the new drive in your windows without formatting the C drive.

If you are stuck or if you are facing any issue that you can’t solve by yourself please comment below and then we will together solve it.

Thank you so much.

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