How to Add A Table Of Contents In WordPress Posts and Pages


Hey, welcome to the practice house. in this below article we are gonna learn about the table of contents. What is the table of contents and why we need it and how to add this in our WordPress posts and pages?

What do we mean by Table Of Contents

It’s not that great question to ask because you already know what is the table of contents that’s why you are looking for how to do. In case If you don’t know what is the table of contents please look above this heading you will find a section called what we have for you  . That section is called Table of Contents. What we have for our visitor in our article.

What is the Benefit for Having a Table of Content in your Posts

okay, now you know what is the table of contents. Now let’s discuss why we need this table of contents feature in our article.

  • It makes easier for the user to jump to the specific section of the article they want to read.
  • helps with your WordPress SEO, Google automatically adds a jump to section link next to your site in search results.

How To Add Table Of Contents in WordPress Posts and Pages

If we want we can create the table of contents with HTML and CSS. But it will very hard work for you and need to do each and every post manually. So we will not choose this way.

we will choose the best way to add a table of contents in our WordPress posts and pages. we will install a plugin called Easy Table of Contents.

Download From this link and install and activate this plugin.

When you will visit the table of Contents page From Settings > Table Of Contents. All the options are self-explanatory.

This plugin has 3 parts of features that will give you plenty of options to choose according to your needs.

  1. In General Options you can off auto-insert option and where will be the position of showing.
    Now By default show when option got value 4. it means you need to have at least 4 headings in your article then it will show. I make it 2. I want it in that way.table-of-contents-first-part

You can customize as you wish the Header Label.

2. Appearance: this part will give you options to chose width, font size, font-weight and Theme also.I have chosen the custom Theme option to have my preference look.


3. Advance: The section will give you a few options. You can choose what kind of headings you will allow to count as the content of tables content by using Headings Option and also you can choose not to show some kind of heading by using Exclude Headings option.



Now you will have this kind of awesome Table of Contents like I have. booyaaah


Thanks for reading this post and congratulations to you that now you know how to add a table of contents in WordPress posts and pages. Share with your friends this knowledge and keep blogging…


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