ATM Machine Program in Java For Beginners

ATM Machine Program in Java

Hey, Welcome to the practice house. I am so glad that you are looking for a program called ATM Machine Program in Java.

You should be happy that you have found your program. Maybe your friend gave you a challenge or your teacher give you a simple task to test/improve your skills. No matter what happened the thing is here we are to learn how to write a very simple program for ATM Machine.

So Let me tell you this program will be very simple and basic and it’s for beginners. If you are looking for some kind of advanced program please follow my next post.

In this java tutorial, we will use only if-else statement and all our functionality is one way.

Code Snippet for ATM Machine Program in Java:


If you noticed enough then you will find another if condition under withdraw option. We have this condition because we want to check the withdrawal amount the user has given us it should not exceed the balance user have. you can see the output for this insufficient balance example below there.


Clone / Download the Sample Project from GitHub : Download / Clone Sample Project


Sample output from ATM Machine Program to show the balance :

Sample output from ATM Machine Program to show the deposit amount option:

Sample output from ATM Machine Program to withdraw option :

Insufficient Balance Example:


Congratulations, You have the idea now how to write this kind of program. I told you it’s a very simple and basic ATM machine program in java for beginners. We can write a more advanced program with the same concept with more functionality.

The idea is now if the user performs an action he has not getting any other option to choose or to do something but we can make these things a little bit interesting by giving them some choice and we can put into a loop to have more options for the user.

So if you got the idea take it as a challenge and do it. Or you can follow my next post about ATM machine Program in java Advanced Concept.

So that’s all for today. If you have any questions or advice or request please let me know. I really love to answer your query.


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